Monday, February 23, 2015

Pro Comp Tires Xtreme All Terrain

If you were made to choose between sitting in traffic and roaming the hills, you would be out on the trails in a heartbeat, right?  Unfortunately, most of us need to work that 9 to 5 job that keeps us stuck in town.  For those times when you can get away from it all, there are the Xtreme All-Terrain tires that are made by Pro Comp.  These tires are great on the highway too! 

The Pro Comp Xtreme All-Terrain tires have been made to balance out the stress that comes from driving on the streets with the demands that the trails put on tires.  These tires have a directional tread pattern that is super aggressive.  This tread pattern has been optimized to be able to have an amazing grip regardless of the terrain.  The upper sidewall has an X pattern in the tread blocks that allow for this tire to dig in to wet pavement, sand and dirt.  There are also shoulder lugs that are quite burly.  These shoulder lugs are useful for heavy load and high speed traction.  There ae a pair of steel belts as well as an overwrap that is made from nylon that has been spiral wound.  As if that were not enough, the sidewalls are made from 3 plies in order to be resistant to punctures, cuts and bruises.

No matter if you have a huge Jeep, a monster SUV or a beefy truck, this tire comes in a size that will be a perfect fit for your rig.  The Xterrain tires also come with a tread wear warranty that is good for 50,000 miles.

Features at a Glance

  • The Xterrain All-Terrain tires that are made by Pro Comp come to you complete with a warranty on the tread that is good for 50,000 miles
  • The Xterrain All-Terrain tires by Pro Comp come in a variety of sizes that will be a perfect fit for nearly any vehicle
  • The Pro Comp Xterrain All-Terrain tires have a sidewall that is made from 3 plies.  This makes them resistant to things such as punctures, bruises and cuts
  • The Xterrain All-Terrain tires that are made by Pro Comp have shoulder lugs that are massive as well as a pair of steel belts and even an overwrap made from nylon that has been spiral wound.  All of this adds up to traction, durability and stability even when carrying heavy loads at high speed
  • The Xterrain All-Terrain tires by Pro Comp feature traction blocks that have an X pattern.  These are to be found at the top of the tire’s sidewalls.  It also features elliptical siping that is full length to give you better traction in slop, sand and dirt

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pro Comp Tires Mud Tires

While muddy trails may be able to trip some 4WD vehicles up, you will be confident of having sure footing if you have the Xtreme MT2 radial tires that are made by Pro Comp on your Jeep.  These tires have been optimized for soupy or slick conditions.  They feature things like tread block that has open lugs in 2 steps that has been silica enhanced to be able to get a good grip on slick ground.  They also have scalloped shoulder lugs that are alternating as well as a sidewall tread that is aggressive and even elliptical siping that is full length.  With all of that, you can rest assured that when you have these Xtreme MT2 radial tires on your rig you won’t be spinning your wheels.

The Xtreme MT2 radial tires have an off road prowess that can’t be beat but they also have a good reputation on the highway.  They have 2 steel belts that have been coupled with an overwrap that is spiral wound to give you the traction you need without deafening you in the process.  This even holds true under heavy load or high speed applications.  In addition to that, the sidewalls are made from 3 plies so you get great protection from punctures, bruises and cuts.  There are also ribs that reject rocks so you won’t be picking up any hitchhikers in your tread.

It doesn’t matter if you are out in the wilderness in a Jeep, SUV or pickup, these tires come in a size to fit your rig.  They come with a warranty on the tread wear that is good for 40,000 miles.

Features at a Glance

  • The Xtreme MT2 radial tires that are made by Pro Comp come to you complete with a 40,000 mile warranty for tread wear
  • The Xtreme MT2 radial tires by Pro Comp are Mud Terrain tires
  • The Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 radial tires come in a vast array of sizes to fit any 4 x 4
  • The Xtreme MT2 radial tires that are made by Pro Comp have a tread with open lugs as well as ribs to reject rocks so you can go through the trails and mud without needing to worry about picking up any rocks
  • The Xtreme MT2 radial tires by Pro Comp are much quieter than what you would expect from a mud tire with such an aggressive tread design
  • The Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 radial tires have 2 belts made from steel that have been covered with a nylon overwrap that has been spiral wound.  This assists with the traction when you are carrying heavy loads or are driving at a high rate of speed


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Best Tires for Offroading

If you are looking for the best in off road tires then there are some questions that you need to answer first.

What is your preferred terrain for your off road jaunts?

If you prefer to drive in the snow or mud then you will need to look for some tires that have areas for high voiding as well as a design that allows for them to self-clean.  If you prefer more of a rocky terrain then you will need a tire that has a high resistance to punctures, bruises and cuts.  This tire should have lugs with bite in the sidewall as well as in the shoulder.  For dunes and sandy soil your best option would be a tire that is wider because this type of tire will give you a better ability to float and a reduction in digging.  If you are more of a gravel type of driver then you can go with a tire that doesn’t have such an aggressive tread pattern but you will want one that is resistant to punctures and has a tread that will eject any stones.

What grade is the terrain you prefer?

On hard, flat terrains you would most likely go with a tire that features a broad should and a tread design that isn’t too aggressive.  For mountains or hilly terrain you will need a tire that has biting edges that can help you crawl up and over.

Is your off road toy also your source of highway transportation and if it is, how important is tire wear, mileage, ride quality and road noise to you?

With off road tires you sacrifice the quietness of street tires as well as the ride quality for traction.  If you only spend a small amount of time off road then you might want to opt for an All-Terrain tire.  This type of tire compromises with the street manners and the capability it has off road.

How is your rig set up? 

Is your rig just as you got it from the dealer?  Has it been lifted or leveled?  Do you have flared fenders on it?  All of these things come into play when you are choosing the right tires.  These factors will play a part in the size of tires that you need as well as the types of terrains that you can tackle.

Pro Comp Tires

Pro Comp is in the business of making tires, wheels and suspension systems for off road enthusiasts.  They make tires of every type that was discussed in the preceding paragraphs.  Once you have answered those questions, take a look at the Pro Comp tires that have the features that you are looking for.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Tires

As truck drivers, we know we are hard on the trucks.  However, we are also hard on the tires.  The tires are essential for us to be able to both work and play in our trucks though.  Because of this, we need to get tires that will be compatible with the driving conditions as well as everything else that we will put them through.

Pro Comp is well aware of this and as a matter of fact, they have been making the types of tires that we need since 1998.  Even though they make all types of tires that will work for nearly any application, today we will focus only on one type. 

The type we are focusing on today is the Xtreme MT2.  This is a radial tire that was designed with full size trucks and SUVs in mind.  More specifically, those that spend time both on and off the trails.  Whether you will be hauling heavier loads than you normally haul or even if you are just playing on the trails, this is the tire that will give you the traction that you need as well as the durability that will get you where you need to go.

The tread design for these tires is one that is open.  It was created and then optimized with the use of computer technology as well as computer modeling.  This particular design gives you a grip as well as a control that will allow you to keep the road noise down while being unsurpassed in terms of traction.  In addition to that, the tread pattern in designed to be self-cleaning in both the mud and the snow.  As far as a tread wear warranty goes, the Xtreme MT2 comes with one that is good for 40,000 miles. 

While the Xtreme MT2 does come in a wide variety of sizes, there are features that will be the same for all sizes.  These include a sidewall that is totally black.  In addition, they have a load rating of E with a max capacity of 3,415 pounds.  The tread depth is 5/8 of an inch.  That said, the diameter of the tire will vary with the size. 

Upon deciding that this is the tire you need, take a minute to take a quick peek at some of the other Pro Comp products.  New tires are always set off nicely with a new set of wheels.  Pro Cop makes basically 3 varied types of wheels.  These are Metal Mulisha, steel and alloy.  Each of those types can be broken down further by their various styles and sizes.  They also come in a variety of finishes that will be a true compliment to any tires.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pro Comp Overview

Pro Comp has been at the forefront of the automobile goods industry for over twenty years. The organization has been a leading producer of top-level tires for off-road vehicles. Through their technicians and manufacturers all the way up to the corporate management, Pro Comp has made great efforts over the years to give its customers quality products to benefit from. All the while, the organization has been committed to product merchandise at affordable prices for its consumers.

Pro Comp tires are among the top products in the off-road auto industry. One of the best off-road tires on the market is the Pro Comp Xtreme All-Terrain. This tire comes fully equipped with features such as state-of-the-art tri-ply polyester construction, opposed angle steel belts, steel beads, and spiral nylon overwrap. In addition, there is a mildly aggressive, directional tread for traction that motorists can rely on in off-road conditions consisting of dirt, mud, rocks, sand and snow.

On the paved roads, the directional all-terrain tread handles icy and wet weather with generous amounts of grooves in the tires to provide good grip in slippery surfaces. The Pro Comp Xtreme tire’s computer generated tread pattern is matched with advance rubber compounds, steel and polyester cords for exceptional traction especially at lower air pressures for maximum tire conformation over terrain.

Pro Comp all-terrain tires are reliable in both good and bad weather. The organization’s all-terrain tires grip onto uneven off-road surfaces to provide the traction needed by the vehicles’ drivers. Additionally, these tires are great performers on paved roads because of the Pro Comp technical and manufacturing department’s vision of prognostication well into the future as it pertains to tire technology. Consumers choose Pro Comp All-Terrain when they want to take on aggressive off-road treks and still need a tire to perform on the street.

The Pro Comp Extreme All-Terrain tire is an excellent choice for the off-roader who spends his or her time on and off-road. It’s also a great tire for the commute with longevity and even wear as well as tackling the weekend trail use. The Pro Comp All-Terrain tire comes in a great variety of sizes and with a 40,000 mile warranty.

Pro Comp chooses to focus on suspensions, wheels, and tires for a simple, effective, and affordable shopping experience. Featuring a no-hassle, user-friendly approach to finding the right parts for its customers’ vehicles, Pro Comp sticks to the basics to deliver what customers need as quickly and affordably as possible. No matter what the product, we offer a shopping experience that is fast and simple. The acclaimed automotive organization that began in 1992 continues to strive for unmatched customer service on a year-long basis.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pro Comp: A Legacy of Power and Protection

Since 1992, Pro Comp has been igniting off-road enthusiasts’ excitement as an industry leader in manufacturing suspensions, tires and wheels for vehicles. It began with selling superior suspension systems and a dedication to delivering a wide range of products to outfit off-road rides. Over 20 years later, it’s driven Pro Comp to the top of this generation’s off-road industry and beyond.

Pro Comp’s legacy is one of providing power and protection for owners looking to personalize their vehicles. Its top grade line of products empowers enthusiasts to equip reliably and comprehensive warranties protect owners. Pro Comp’s reputation as the go-to resource for high performance products has been enhanced throughout the company’s history.

Notable achievements include the introduction of Pro Comp radial light truck tires in 1999 and unveiling MX6 adjustable monotube shocks and new alloy wheels in 2002. Another milestone occurred in 2008 when Pro Comp solidified its safety standing by becoming the first suspension manufacturer to pass the NHTSA’s Electronic Stability Control System Test.

Besides suspension systems, tires and wheels, ProComp designs and precision-engineers a full product line of lighting and accessories for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. Testing, tuning, and tinkering consistently produces top performers in the toughest terrain and extreme conditions. The state-of-the-art facility in Chula Vista, California employs cutting-edge equipment and CAD technology to ensure the ProComp team continually pioneers competitive off-road products for uncompromised performance. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Developed for the off-road enthusiast, Pro Comp has been making a name for its self with top-quality off-road capable tires. One of the best off-road tires on the market is the Pro Comp Xtreme All-Terrain. This tire is packed with features such as state-of-the-art tri-ply polyester construction, opposed angle steel belts, steel beads, and spiral nylon overwrap. In addition, a mildly aggressive directional tread for traction you can count in off-road conditions consisting of rocks, dirt, mud, snow and sand.

The Pro Comp Xtreme All-Terrain tire is an excellent tire for the enthusiast who spends quality time both on and off-road. As an all-terrain tire that’s great for commuting with its strong longevity and tread designed for even wear. The directional tread pattern also handles wet and winter weather conditions with a good amount of sipping to provide vital grip when surfaces, such as paved roads, are slippery. The computer-generated tread pattern is formed with advance rubber compounds and polyester and steel cords to provide excellent traction especially at lower tire pressures.

Available in many sizes and a 40,000 mile tread wear warranty. The Pro Comp Xtreme All-Terrain tire is ideally suited for heavy-duty applications and producing minimal road noise.